Week of 12/12/16

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Watch the following videos, then respond (in O.R.E.O format) to the questions following each.


After watching the video on the Nobel Peace Prize, analyze how the Nobel Peace Prize relevant worldwide today? Provide at least two to three details supporting your theory.


Your life is ever changing. Think about the facts you learned in the video. After considerations describe realistically, how much change you think you will undergo in the next ten years?

Week of 10/31/16 News article

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Read the 2004 article from the New York Times in the link below. CP answer three of the questions in full paragraphs. General answer two of the questions in full paragraphs.

Possible Re-opening of Emmett Till Case Article

a. What role did Keith Beauchamp and Stanley Nelson play in the re-opening of the Emmett Till murder trial?
b. What credentials do Mr. Beauchamp and Mr. Nelson have, respectively?
c. What controversial decision did Mamie Mobley make regarding her son’s funeral?
d. What did Mrs. Mobley say to Mr. Beauchamp when he started researching the murder of Emmett Till?
e. What did Mr. Beauchamp have to say about Mr. Nelson, and vice-versa?
f. How does Mr. Nelson feel about having made the film “The Murder of Emmett Till”?

blog assignments week of 10/10/16

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We are starting vocabulary this week. In order to gain more practice using your vocabulary words in context, we will combine the writing prompts and your vocab together.

CP – You must answer two of the three prompts and use at least ten of your vocab words in your response. Highlight or under line each word you used in your answer.

General – You must answer two of the three writing prompts and use at least five of your vocab words in the response. Highlight or under line each word you used in your answer.


  • Many other countries believe Americans are too materialistic. Do you think we have too much “stuff” as other countries accuse? Prove your stance in the response.

  • What scares you the most in life?

  • Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

First post 10/6/16

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The first thing I want you to do is go to the “blogging guidelines” page and read the requirements for your section. After you are done answer the following questions as a blog.

CP answer both General answer one of the two options.

  1. Who was your first crush? Think back to the first time you remember having a crush on someone. Was it Preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade? Did you let that person know? Why did you like them? Try to remember and describe as many details as possible.
  2. What would be on the mix tape of your life?: Embarrassing boy band confessions? One Hit Wonders? Show Tunes? Bring it! Mine would be anything Bon Jovi (we shared the same hair-do in the 80’s)  or Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Why did you love them? Was it the music, the image, their videos?


Assignment 1 The About Me Page 10/5/16

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Today you are going to create an “About Me” page.

You need to provide several items on this page.

  1. A description of who you are. You could include things like age, family, hobbies, favorite books or movies, friends, foods you like, or activities you enjoy.
  2. You may add pictures.
  3. You need to add the theme assignment: word, sentence, and paragraph.
  4. Then you need to publish and make sure the “About Me” button is visible on your home page. If it is not let me know.